Bfresh Botanical Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer Kill 99.99% Virus Spray


(BDC) (Patented Thymol crystal molecule (True Essential oil) ) the first biodegradable

disinfectant for livestock farms. is distinguished by its innovative nature. It is an ultra-

high-performance disinfectant containing true essential oil based active natural


Some of its features and Product Usage

. Broad spectrum of activity: effective as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide.

. Low-toxicity: no danger to users or animals.

. Non-corrosive, for a longer service life of agricultural facilities.

. 100% biodegradable in less than 14 days (OECD 301E).

. Pleasant wintergreen fragrance.

. Food contact surface cleaning

. Manufactured in USA

. Household

. Hospitals

. Educational institutions

. Nursing Homes

. Industrial

. Schools

. First responders

. Educational institutions

. Nursing Homes

. Food Processing

. First Responders

. Prisons

. Cruise ships

. No worries for restoration companies sign off on chemicals to customers

. Qualifies for Green School initiative

Product Information

EPA Registration Number: 87742-1-92089

CANADA DIN 02390000

Columbia SA NSOH00842-11CO

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Bfresh Botanical Disinfecting is a botanical bactericidal, tuberculocidal,

fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant and cleaner made from a proprietary blend of

plant extracts and essentials oils.

The Bfresh EcoLogo, certified green certification could not have come at a better time:

―The whole issue of food safety and traceability, which now allows us to trace food

back from our plates to the farmer that grows it, is of tremendous interest, not just to

the public in general, but to agricultural producers especially (Bfresh Botanical

Disinfectant ) positions itself right at the top of the food chain, directly in schools,

healthcare, food service, aging care, transportation, processing and farm

environments . Now, not only will producers and the public be able to rely on this highly

effective product, they will also have the assurance that (Bfresh Botanical

Disinfectant) was evaluated by an independent organization and was certified

according to rigorous environmental standards.”

Certification Requirements

(BDC) (Patented Thymol crystal molecule (True Essential oil) ) obtained its

certification in the category “Certified Disinfectants and Disinfectant-Cleaners CCD-

166” following a complete audit of the manufacturing process to ensure that the

product meets requirements such as:

. Non-irritating to users

. Does not contain phosphates or EDTA, a persistent organic pollutant that is

increasingly present in the environment.

. Does not contain coloring or aromas.

. Does not contain halogenated solvents, compounds that contribute to degradation of

the ozone layer.

. Does not contain compounds toxic to aquatic life.

. Contains less than 1% volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

. Sold in chlorine-free, recyclable container


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